Thursday, August 23, 2007

What if it rains?!?!?

Outdoor weddings can be some of the most beautiful around, especially here in New England. We have beautiful venues to choose from the beach, the woods, a beautiful meadow or garden. The options are endless........ My #1 advice to any bride getting married outside is to make sure that she has a backup plan. New England is beautiful but it also comes with some very unpredictable weather. Make sure that you secure an indoor location as an alternative.

Take it from one of my bride's last July. Her wedding was scheduled to be held at a beautiful outdoor site. It was a hot July day, bright sunshine. As the day progressed the clouds started to roll in but we still thought we'd be ok and then fifteen minutes before the ceremony the skies opened up. We quickly regrouped and redirected all the guests to a small chapel down the street. The ceremony was late getting started but only by half an hour!!! The chapel looked as though it had been planned all along.

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